Preorder & Payment Policy

All payments for any items purchased, in stock or pre-orders, are required at checkout. This is so that we have an accurate count of who is ordering what. This prevents fake orders from others with no intent on paying. In the case of an error in price, your order may be canceled and refunded at our discretion. If the price decreases from the time of your order to any future point in time, we are not obligated to give any refund of any amount as collectibles prices tend to fluctuate.
Pre-Order Policy

Pre-orders allow us to see how much product(s) we should order and what we are expecting to sell. All Pre-orders are a binding agreement to you purchasing such items. No order shall be fulfilled until every item is in stock. Please make sure you separate orders by separate transactions if you wish to receive items as they come in stock. if not, then all in stock items will be held until all pre-order items are in stock if they are in the same order.